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Building Stronger, Safer, Commuities

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Bridge the Gap

The King of Kings Foundation was established to inform individuals of the generative crime factors in their communities. The organizations objective is to equip communities with the tools needed to identify and avoid issues that hinder social, physical, economic, cultural and spiritual development.


Our mission is to enlighten youth and adolescents to the consequences and dangers of guns, gangs and drugs. We redirect them to majestic heights by helping them to avoid poverty, homelessness and incarceration by way of achieving education.


The King of Kings Foundations goals are to change the perception of individual by educating them in an effort to eliminate violent and destructive behavior and manifest lasting positive changes while helping to build stronger, closer and safer communities.

The spread of gangs in urban areas demands a response from state to local governments. More importantly, a response to this problem must come from the members of the communities where gangs thrive. Individuals have the right to live in a safe, secure, friendly and supportive environment free from discrimination, harassment, gangs and other unhealthy social factors that can hinder the pursuit of educational goals for youth and the overall safety for residents of the community.


The King of Kings Foundation believes that through our workshops and our community events we continuously bridge the gap of communication between our "Youth", "Adults" and our "Seniors" helping to strengthen community ties and relationships.