Our Workshops


Gang Awareness 101- Takes an interventionale approach to gang awareness while recognizing the countless social forces and settings that contribute to the formation of the thinking, attitudes, behavior and activities linked to gang involvement


Bystander or Up-stander-Anti-bullying- Is designed to enlist young people, parents, educators, and community residents in a dialogue about bullying, cyber-bullying, sexting or other manifestations. Also incorporating suggestions for ways that youth can help prevent bullying among their peers.


What To Do If You’re Stopped by the Police- is a workshop that provides information on what to do if stopped, questioned, arrested, or injured in an encounter with the police, and how to file a complaint.


Interpersonal Violence- Participants receive information about the causes of violence among teenagers, including but not limited to dating violence. They are taught to expect the best for themselves and how to recognize those elements that make up a healthy relationship. This is prevalent among at risk youth and can often lead to a cycle of violence in adulthood.


Anger Management- Provides participants with tips on how to manage anger and how to recognize anger cues while identifying the consequences of uncontrollable anger.